Creating websites using WordPress is really very easy. WordPress stands out as one of the most popular blogging platform which is widely used for personal and business purpose. It is a great revolutionary software that is now considered as the content management system for your website that runs on different gadgets. By using this software, it is easier for the developers to create the attractive blogs. Theme based blogs and websites can also be created by using this software tool. The theme based approach helps in designing and adjusting the layout of your blog website. This ensures that your website is attractive and consistent with the theme throughout the website. There are plugins which helps in enhancing the functionality of the WordPress sites and add new feature to the website.

Automation of WordPress

If you have created an attractive WordPress site and provided the best contents, your website is likely to get more traffic. When it records more traffic, it is time consuming to maintain the website. You will be getting everyday thousands of visitors who will comment and look for more new content on your website. There will be security hiccups and server issues often which are needed to be handled. Thus, it can be challenging for you to maintain the website. At that time, a variety of plugins and automated tools lend a helping hand to you.

Benefits of automation of WordPress

By automating the WordPress, you will be able to get following benefits:

  • Save your time and money
  • Different maintenance tasks will be done automatically
  • issues that are missed by the reviewer will be resolved
  • Quality of themes is maintained
  • Automate your postings
  • Effective in planning the content strategy
  • Avoid confusion in handling innovative technology

Popular automation tools for WordPress

There are so many automation tools which are used in WordPress for creating powerful blogging website. Those automation tools are divided into different categories according to the type of automation they do. These categories include:

Automation tools for WordPress Posts

Creating the blogs can be time consuming if you don’t know the technicality. However, there are some automation tools which are helpful in creating WordPress sites easily and create the posts automatically. Automation tools which are helpful in creating the WordPress posts include:

WPeMatico: This is an auto-blogging tool which is helpful in creating auto posts by taking content from RSS feeds. It provides attractive interface which follows WordPress standards. It is able to automatically add the categories from the source post, add feeds and image caching is integrated.

Bulk Images to Posts: If you are interested in creating a blog that contains photos, this automatic plugin tool can greatly help you. You can select all the photos which you want to post. Add tags, categorize them and upload. This plugin automatically creates a new post for every image. Later, the user can edit each post and add content to it so that immediately a new post can be made.

Automation tools for WordPress Database Management

Don’t mess with the database management if you are now aware of the technical aspects of making website through WordPress. But, there are times when you will need to manage your database in order to make your website run smoothly. You can get any of the following database management automation tools for WordPress:

WP Optimize: It is the highly effective automation tool. It is helpful in cleaning and optimizing the functionality of your WordPress sites. Old revisions, spam and trash files are removed by this tool within few clicks. WordPress database stores everything which is needed for your website. But, many of the things are useless. Hence, you are required to get this tool to automatically clear the database.

Automatic Domain Changer: This WordPress plugin is able to easily detect the domain name change. It helps in migrating from one domain on WordPress to the other. At once, you will be able to migrate from http files to https.

Automation tools for WordPress comment management

If you have turned on the comment option on your blog posts, you will be getting thousands of comments every day. Along with this, you will also be getting spams. In case, you neglect replying to the comments, there are chances that your existing customers can be diverted. Thus, you are required to find an easy way to automate the comments on your WordPress site. The powerful tools for automating comments include:

Akismet: This tool checks all the comments and ensures that spams are filtered out. Discard feature is available on this tool to remove the spam.

Auto Approve Comments: This is another useful tool which is helpful in managing the comments on your WordPress site. It approves the white list of the commenter by checking their email address and user name and ensures that their comments get published.

Automation tools for WordPress Backups

It can be challenging for the blogger to login and back up their blogs every time. There is a need of automation tool so that automatic backups can be created. Backup of your site can be created on the same server or another server. The two useful tools which are helpful in backing up the WordPress sites are:

WP Database Backup: This automatic plugin tool is helpful in getting back your database on the repeated schedule. Your files are not backed up by this tool. It can store backup files in multiple storage destinations like Dropbox and Google drive.

Updraft Plus: This plugin is capable of backing up the files as well as database on the cloud and hence helps in restoring them easily. It creates backup of the site for the security measures by creating duplicate files.

There are many more automation tools which are helpful in managing the WordPress sites in different ways. You can check out all those easily on the internet to get the best WordPress site of yours.

Author’s bio:

Vinod Kardam is a young and dynamic blogger. He has rich years of experience in Blogging. He is an expert in creating blogs through WordPress. With his extensive knowledge in blogging and website development through WordPress, he is able to create the attractive blogs. He loves writing and sharing his experiences with others.