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How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme? 15 Features to Know!

Selecting the perfect WordPress theme is one of the most difficult jobs you’ll come across as a webmaster. Naturally, every theme has its advantages, but your job, in this case, is to determine which advantages are more important than the others. As soon as you are able to determine which features of a perfect WordPress

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How To Move Your Blog From WordPress.Com To Your Own Hosting Server provides free hosting for Sites, and the setup process is also quite hassled free. This is one of the reasons behind the immense popularity of WordPress among new bloggers as they look for suitable web hosting. Once their blog starts driving revenue, they begin to think about moving their blog from site to

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Blog Writing Solution: How Much to Pay for Guest Bloggers and New Content

A successful blog requires talent, such as content creators and designers. But how much should you pay them? Here’s your guide to paying employees. Good content is essential for a successful website these days. Content ranks up there with web design and serves as an essential element of your SEO. While you may think that

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Complete Guide To Digital Marketing From A WordPress Development Company

In this era of internet marketing, so many brands are busy promoting their products and services online using the high quality content. SEO is the bedrock of digital marketing, and content marketing is the bedrock of SEO. Content creation, publishing, and promotion is the order of the day. Different brands are competing to grab the

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Top 10 Free And Essential WordPress Plugins (2018)

For those who use this fantastic content manager almost daily, what would happen to you without the WordPress plugins? WordPress is undoubtedly the CMS (Content Management System) market leader. At the beginning of 2018, 30% of the websites that these managers use are developed with WordPress (W3techs data). And this is mainly due to the

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