Every day, there’s a constant need to deal with a lot of things to keep our businesses, websites and everything else up and running. That’s why it’s pretty understandable if you find it a bit irksome to click that update button on your WordPress when it prompts you to.

However, there are more benefits than disadvantages to saying yes to that update.

As you read through this article, you’ll find that taking the time to do so can actually save you money, time and effort.

Here are 6 reasons why you totally need to update your WordPress account on a regular basis.

These should definitely go on top of the list of things you need to know before buying a website that runs on WordPress.

1. Enjoy New Features

“Content is King” is the mantra of websites and blogs of this generation. One good way to boost your WordPress blog is to always have amazing content.

It’s getting a bit hard to do though, with more and more bloggers surfacing every day. To stand out, you need a platform that allows you to have an easier content creation workflow.

Every update their developers roll out ensures that you stay on the cutting edge of WordPress content management. This helps you achieve your goals of turning out excellent content.

Another reason why you’ll want to update your WordPress as soon as you’re prompted to is that each new update introduces exciting new features.

Useful as they come, it’s easier and less time consuming to learn how to use these new features one by one. Waiting until several roll-outs later to update means you’ll have to learn to use many new features all at once, when you may not have the time nor the inclination to do so.

2. Enhance Your Site’s Speed and Performance

Let’s be clear and honest about this. Nobody — and I mean NOBODY — enjoys visiting a website that loads slowly and doesn’t perform as well as expected.
Aside from being a massive audience turn-off, sluggish websites are also a massive SEO killer. Fewer site clicks and visits + low search engine rankings = bad combination.
The good thing is that WordPress developers are devoted to continuously making things faster and better for you. In the process, they ensure that you get more efficient codes to further improve your site’s performance.

What’s more, the digital languages used to build your website also get new versions regularly. WP developers continue to strive to make your website compatible with these as well.
So by clicking that update button, you help your website remain competitive with the rest of the internet as well as the standards used by search engines and web browsers alike.

3. Boost Compatibility

The internet evolves at quite a mercurial rate. Every year brings us new ways of accessing and it using the web.

When the internet started, who would have thought that we could take it anywhere with us like we do now? Must have been a pretty far-fetched idea back then.

Now though, internet access is available on a multitude of devices. This gave birth to the need for web developers to also keep up with the times. Websites now need to look good across multiple devices in order to make them more appealing to click on and visit.

WordPress updates help ensure this by upping its compatibility with various kinds of web browsers.

4. Strengthen Your Website’s Security

Having a hacked website repaired these days costs around $1000 dollars upwards. Not updating your WordPress account leaves you susceptible to security attacks that can kill your website.
You’ve probably run into one or more of these warnings online:

  • The site ahead contains malware
  • Deceptive site ahead
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs
  • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources

Your site could very well become a victim of these, as not running updates on your WordPress account leaves you more open to malware that could latch onto it.

All that effort you put into creating headlines that attract your audience will go to waste if search engines prevent the latter from getting to your blog.

Hackers, phishers, and other intruders are always on the lookout for system vulnerabilities. However, since WordPress is one of the most popular choices for building websites worldwide, any potential susceptibilities are regularly reported. Solutions to them are then included as soon as the next update.

5. Protect Your Site From Bugs

Same as dealing with a hacked website, fixing bugs can also be messy and have skyrocketing costs.

Despite how careful you are at keeping your site’s codes running as harmoniously with each other as possible, some bugs can be insidious enough to still cause you tons of issues.
In addition to necessary updates to WordPress’s core, even the plugins you install on it can have those evil bugs and errors running all over the place as well.

One purpose of WordPress updates is to address these particular problems. Otherwise, you’ll be unnecessarily exposing your website’s elements to conflicts and errors. If left unchecked, they might even cause your website to go down.

What’s next?

The above-mentioned are common factors affecting how good or bad a website turns out to be. Taking care of these 5 is tantamount to ensuring that your website thrives, helping you become more productive in the process.

Then you can concentrate on dealing with other aspects of maintaining your website or blog. Like sourcing for fresh content or finding better tips on How blogging helps SEO for your site.

How you choose to update your WordPress depends on you. You could choose to do it manually or enable automatic updates instead.

Either way, updating your WordPress to the latest version is always a good idea. Be sure to do so as soon as possible.